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The reference in long-range civil unmanned aerial vehicles

BOREAL - Manufacturer and designer of fixed-wing, high payload capacity UAVs


BOREAL SAS is the designer and manufacturer of BOREAL remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), long-range fixed-wing UAVs. Pioneers in carrying experimental payloads, BOREAL systems are designed to carry out high endurance out-of-sight missions. Our aircraft are well known in the field of maritime surveillance and earth observation and are particularly well suited to heavy and bulky payloads up to <7 kg (15,4 lb) requiring great stability.  

BOREAL is a founding member of the French Drone Industry Association (ADIF) and is certified “Origine France Garantie” (French Guaranteed Origin). BOREAL SAS is one of the leading companies in the civilian UAV sector in France.

Use cases

Maritime surveillance

Inspection of infrastructure and industrial sites

Land register

Land register

Monitoring of land routes

Monitoring of land routes

Crisis management support

Supervision of large agricultural areas

Scientific research


Scientific meteorology


Drone System

The BOREAL unmanned aircraft has an endurance that allows it to travel up to 800 km during a flight in remarkably stable conditions.


All our remotely piloted aircraft systems can be adapted to all types of terrain, including unprepared terrain. The complete system can be deployed in less than 30 minutes.

Mission management

The ground station guarantees real-time supervision of the aircraft on missions of medium and long distances via radio and satellite links.

Origine France Garantie (French Guaranteed Origin)

BOREAL is the first French UAV manufacturer to have earned the "Origine France Garantie" label for its aircraft systems.

The BOREAL Range

Boreal Lab

An aircraft designed for the needs of the scientific sector. The BOREAL LAB UAV allows the experimentation of modular and bulky payloads up to <7 kg (15,4 lb) in airspaces that are difficult for research aircraft to access.

Boreal ISR

An aircraft specialised in surveillance and reconnaissance missions. The BOREAL ISR UAV is designed to be operated on long-range missions and carries a high definition gimbal camera with a unique observation capability.

Boreal NRM

A mapping aircraft for large areas. The BOREAL NRM system provides high quality measurements in environments that are inaccessible to many UAVs.


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