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Boreal ISR

A UAV specialising in surveillance and reconnaissance

A discreet unmanned aircraft vehicle

The ISR UAV allows you to carry out reconnaissance and surveillance missions at sea or on land using visible E/O HD or Infrared (IR) sensors. Its on-board optronic camera provides 360° day/night vision. This UAV is efficient both at sea and on land, and allows the area being monitored to be viewed with the utmost precision in real time.

Examples of payloads carried by the BOREAL ISR

Gyro-stabilized turret MERIO TEMIS XL16

  • Weight: 1800g
  • Height: 234mm
  • Min diameter: 105 mm (main body)
  • Maximum diameter: 160 mm
  • Pan: 360° / Tilt: 360°
  • IP rating: IP64
  • DRI (Detection/Recognition/Identification) Man: 2.45 km / 0.64 km / 0.4 km
  • DRI (Detection / Recognition / Identification) Vehicle: 4 km / 1.1 km / 0.7 km

Gyro-stabilized turret MERIO TEMIS XL

  • Weight: 950g
  • Height: 182mm
  • Min diameter: 85 mm (main body)
  • Maximum diameter: 127 mm
  • Pan: 360° / Tilt: 360°
  • IP rating: IP64
  • DRI (Detection/Recognition/Identification) Man: 1,029 m / 309 m / 218 m
  • DRI (Detection / Recognition / Identification) Vehicle: 2352 m / 738 m / 409 m

Gyro-stabilized turret MERIO TEMIS XL14

  • Weight: 1300g
  • Height: 209mm
  • Min diameter: 85 mm (main body)
  • Maximum diameter: 140 mm
  • Pan: 360° / Tilt: 360°
  • IP rating: IP64

ASIO 155 gyrostabilized turret

• Innovative 3-axis stabilization system • Day and night sensors • Integrated video processing:
  • Stabilization
  • Deinterlacing
  • Super-resolution
  • target detection
  • Click and follow
  • Inserting metadata

BOREAL ISR - an aircraft adapted to your needs

Thanks to its endurance capabilities (8 hours) and its ability to reach a maximum altitude of 1500m (4,921 ft), our aircraft allows you to view the areas overflown in real time, in complete discretion. Our aircraft responds to numerous safety and security applications at sea and on land, such as securing exceptional transport and communication channels, monitoring infrastructure, detecting forest fires, etc. It also operates in missions to protect terrestrial and maritime fauna and flora (monitoring dolphins, whales, etc.).

The aircraft, catapult and ground station system is easily deployed in less than 30 minutes on any type of terrain or even in isolated areas. It is therefore infrastructure-free.

Our IHM software on the BOREAL GROUND CONTROL STATION (BGCS) allows to monitor precisely the evolution of the aircraft and to have visibility on all the telemetry parameters. The C2 real-time link concept allows direct action on the flight plan to enable agility in the conduct of the mission (ship tracking, holding pattern, waypoints). Our system offers the possibility to send the video stream of the UAV observation to a remote command centre far away from the control station.

The only one of its kind in the surveillance market

Our BOREAL ISR UAV is certified “Origine France Garantie” (“Guaranteed Origin”) and stands out for its high elongation and long-range performances. This certification makes it unique on the French and international market of maritime and land surveillance. Several institutional references such as the “Direction générale de l’armement” (French General Directorate of Armaments), the “Marine nationale” (French Navy) or the “Direction des affaires maritimes” (French Maritime Affairs Directorate) have already called upon BOREAL for their territorial protection needs.

Application cases

Maritime surveillance

Monitoring of land routes

Inspection of infrastructure and industrial sites

Crisis management support

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