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Boreal lab

Expertise in scientific missions carried out by UAVs

A UAV adapted to the collection of scientific measurements

The BOREAL LAB meets the requirements of research laboratories seeking to test and validate their increasingly innovative equipment (prototypes). Our UAV allows the integration of one or more sensors (called payloads) in a 30 litre (7,9 gallons) space. The system can be customised and other equipment can be integrated (attachment points, aerials, etc.). The design of our aircraft allows for very stable flights in environments that are sometimes challenging (turbulence, precipitation, strong winds).

Examples of on-board payloads



  • Précision sol : 15mm
  • 200 numérisations / seconde
  • champ de vision 360°


Caméra multispectrale

  • 6 caméras
  • Détecteur CMOS global shutter de 47 million de pixels
  • Filtres spectraux amovibles

Caméra hyperspectrale

• Vitesse de croisière supérieure à 100 km/h
• Stockage et transmission des images jusqu’à 55kms
• Idéal pour la détection en zones critiques


Caméra IR cryogénique

  • fréquence d’acquisition jusqu’à 25 Hz
  • Champ de vue 60° x 48°
  • 640 x 512 pixels, IFOV 1,63 mrad

A solution for testing heavy payloads

Its stability in difficult environments combined with its performance makes the BOREAL LAB UAV stand out from other solutions of its category.

A 60w generator is also integrated to provide continuous power to the scientific equipment throughout the flight.

Our BOREAL LAB systems are very popular with Météo France, the Laboratoire d’aérologie (French Aerology Laboratory), the CNES (French National Centre for Space Studies) and the ONERA (French National Office for Aerospace Studies and Research) and are regularly operated in France and abroad. BOREAL is an experienced company with numerous missions all over the world (Barbados, Bulgaria, Greece, Finland, Reunion Island, Guyana, Switzerland) and is a major reference in the field of scientific and meteorological measurements collected by UAVs.  

A unique support for your scientific missions

BOREAL provides support for the validation flights of your innovative heavy payloads. Available and responsive, our teams are here to create the right solution for your needs.

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