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Boreal continues its industrialization

Boreal continues its industrialization

By Fleur Olagnier, December 19, 2018

The civilian drone manufacturer Boreal plans to produce up to 15 machines within five years and is targeting the fossil fuel sector to internationalize.

Created by Michel Gavard in 1998, Boreal (5 employees; 2018 turnover: €500,000)  made  and integrates monitoring equipment on  civilian drones. In 2014, the Castanet Tolosan company welcomed Marc Pollina,  president of the satellite navigation specialist  M3 Systems (30 employees; 2017 turnover: €3.5 million), to move into the industrialization phase. Unlike Delair or SkyTech, Boreal does not process data but focuses on development and  the production  thermal engine drones. She  includes in particular  the payload defined by its  clients  such as the Yellow Plane (agriculture), Onera or Météo France (science).

Soon 15 drones per year

In four  years, the company has manufactured 14 drones with a wingspan of 4.3 m, capable of flying for at least 10 hours, up to 100 km/h, and carrying 10  payload kg. Within 2 years, Boreal is aiming for an annual production of 8 machines and 15 in five  year. “We are also developing satellite communication rather than radio to send data and control the drone  up to 100 km away”, supports the operational director Pierre Inti Hebrard Capdeville. Finally, Boreal is looking for partnerships in the oil sector for monitoring facilities abroad.