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Fixed wing and Lidar, a first – Conference

BOREAL SAS and YELLOWSCAN are organizing a conference on the prospects opened up by the performance of the Lidar Surveyor on board the BOREAL fixed-wing drone on Thursday 27 February.

Organized at the Midi-Pyrénées Observatory, this conference will be hosted by Michel Gavart, Technical Director of BOREAL, and Laure Fournier, Commercial Manager of YellowScan.

This will be an opportunity for the audience to learn more about:
– The BOREAL drone and its technical characteristics which make this vector the only high elongation drone capable of carrying out Lidar flights of more than 8 hours.

– The YellowScan Lidars, turnkey and easy-to-use capture systems, allowing precise topographical surveys and 3D mapping.

Conference accessible by invitation.