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Flight campaign with the BOREAL drone for the ETOILE Project

As part of the ETOILE oceanographic measurement campaign, IFREMER-CLS and BOREAL deployed in situ resources (CNRS oceanographic vessel),  aerial (the BOREAL drone) and space (CLS acquisition and processing systems), in order to characterize the surface of the sea during the passage of internal waves near the continental slope.

The BOREAL drone was used in coordination with the civil and military authorities in the Bay of Biscay in July 2017 at a record distance of 67km from its control station and more than 12 nautical miles (22 km) from the coast, i.e. beyond French airspace. This elongation of 67km was achieved during a 3 hour flight for a total distance traveled of 300km, it constitutes a record in France for a civilian drone.