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Le BOREAL conquers wind turbines

The MOMENTA project, led by the LHEEA (Laboratory for Research in Hydrodynamics, Energetics and Atmospheric Environment), is interested in improving the modeling of aeroelastic loads induced by the wake of one wind turbine on another, in order to better consider them during the design phases of wind farms both onshore and off-shore. Failure to take these loads into account can lead to premature aging and degraded operation of the wind turbine.

The CNRS BOREAL drone is used as a test means to perform turbulence measurements in the wake of wind turbines. These measurements will be reproduced at the entrance to the lower Reynolds wind tunnel, in order to assess their impact on aerodynamic loads.

BOREAL SAS was asked for this project to support the members of the consortium ( PRISME , IFPEN , LA , VALEMO , LHEEA ) on the phases of integration of the different payloads, opening of flight zones and for the realization of the different flights. .

BOREAL SAS also carried out precision work on the flight scenarios, while taking into account regulatory safety constraints. Flying through a field of wind turbines represents an application case that demonstrates the robustness of the BOREAL system and its autopilot made in France.