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The BOREAL drone, authorized by the DGAC to carry out high elongation* missions, a French first for a 25 kg fixed-wing drone

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) has granted BOREAL specific authorizations for flight operations out of sight (Beyond Visual Line of Sight: BVLOS**) at great elongation in maritime (70 km) and forest environments. (2 km) for recurring commercial operations. These authorizations come at the right time at a time when maritime and environmental applications are set to multiply.

For it, the SORA (Specific Operation Risk Assessment) approach, in accordance with the new European safety regulations relating to drones, has been integrated and implemented by the teams. This approach has made BOREAL the first 25 kg fixed-wing drone to obtain specific authorization for high elongation flight over previously identified maritime and forest sites throughout France. A first made possible thanks to the functionalities of the drone and the safety procedures put in place in flight and on the ground.

Indeed, the SORA approach is a procedure demonstrating the skills of the teams to know and control all the known risks related to a flight plan operated in a particular environment. It recognizes the compliance of the drone with the European safety regulatory aspects in terms of unmanned aircraft on board.

Thus, BOREAL teams are authorized to operate the drone in a maritime environment up to 70 km away and in a forest environment up to 2 km away, on sites previously declared to the DGAC.

*Elongation: distance separating the drone from the remote pilot
**Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS): Beyond the field of vision