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Firefighting at night made easier with drone systems

The CARTONUIT project, supported by the Occitanie Region, aims to preserve the environment, infrastructure, and human life During the summer months, extremely high temperatures make forested areas vulnerable to fires. Nighttime firefighting can be particularly challenging due to factors such as darkness, the nature of the fire, and the inability of aerial means to intervene … Read more

90 km range in high-speed radio link at sea

The BOREAL ISR drone, equipped with the SIMPULSE SL200 radio communication system, carried out a long-distance mission of more than 50 nautical miles (90 km) located off the French Atlantic Ocean coast. This project, as part of the RF100 program, started a few months ago with the goal to validate long-range video transmissions. Radio data … Read more

Monitor (very) large spaces by using embedded Satellite technologies on BOREAL’s drone board

For long-distance surveillance drones like the BOREAL drone system, the radio link limits the range to about 110 km over maritime or terrestrial zones. With its range of 800 km, the BOREAL drone must carry satellite communication technologies on board to operate beyond the direct radio range. After demonstrating in the spring of 2021 the … Read more

Le BOREAL conquers wind turbines

The MOMENTA project, led by the LHEEA (Laboratory for Research in Hydrodynamics, Energetics and Atmospheric Environment), is interested in improving the modeling of aeroelastic loads induced by the wake of one wind turbine on another, in order to better consider them during the design phases of wind farms both onshore and off-shore. Failure to take … Read more

BOREAL on mission with Air Marine

As part of our partnership with Air Marine, we carried out a radar chest mission with the BOREAL drone in the Paris region. The objective of this mission, which took place at the beginning of June 2021, was to detect the BOREAL drone in flight on a radar located more than 30km from the site … Read more

BOREAL flies to Bulgaria for the FOLDOUT project

A team of BOREAL pilots traveled to Bulgaria in early June, alongside ONERA (Office National d’Etudes et de Recherches Aérospatiale) to take part in the first demonstration of the system developed within the framework of the European FOLD OUT project. The FOLDOUT project is developing a solution, which combines different sensors and technologies, with the … Read more