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Launch of Space4Earth and the SIRIUS space program!

M3 Systems France, M3 Systems Belgium, and BOREAL SAS, all part of the Mistral group and at the forefront of space, terrestrial, and aerial technologies, aim to shape the future of positioning and define their purpose with Space4Earth.. On December 16th, the Mistral group unveiled its new corporate mission, Space4Earth, as well as its SIRIUS … Read more

The BOREAL drone, authorized by the DGAC to perform high elongation* missions, a French first for a 25 kg fixed-wing drone

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) has granted the BOREAL company specific authorizations for flight operations Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) in maritime environments (70 km) and forest environments (2 km) for commercial operations. The SORA (Specific Operation Risk Assessment) approach, in accordance with the new European drone safety regulations, has been integrated … Read more

BOREAL SAS welcomes a delegation of Korean students!

Boréal received, on Tuesday, a delegation of students and professors from Hanseo University (South Korea), visiting France for a few days. After a presentation of the company, they had the opportunity to visit and see the BOREAL up close. We are very happy to have received them, hoping to see them again very soon, perhaps … Read more

Boreal continues its industrialization

Boreal continues its industrialization By Fleur Olagnier, December 19, 2018 The civilian drone manufacturer Boreal plans to produce up to 15 machines within five years and is targeting the fossil fuel sector to internationalize. Created by Michel Gavard in 1998, Boreal (5 employees; 2018 turnover: €500,000)  made  and integrates monitoring equipment on  civilian drones. In … Read more

Presentation of the BOREAL solution to Alain VIDALIES

Presentation of the BOREAL solution to Alain VIDALIES, Secretary of State for Transport and to Patrick GANDIL, Director General of Civil Aviation. This event was part of a visit by the Secretary of State to Pau this Friday, March 25, 2016 at the premises of the Xamen company.

Signature of the Scientific Interest Group

Signature of the Scientific Interest Group: Micro drone, led by ISAE SUPAERO. This group in which AJS participates aims to develop systems or sub-systems for scientific uses concerning more particularly the exploration of the world and the universe. https://www.lejournaldesentreprises.com/regionale/Midi-Pyrenees/toulouse-le-groupement-d-interet-scientifique-micro-drones-decolle-19-11-2015-273731.php