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Flight campaign for fishing surveillance in French territorial waters

At the request of the Maritime Affairs Department (DAM) and the CLS company, BOREAL successfully experimented with several maritime surveillance operations in Northern Brittany (22) in order to detect and identify vessels in an illegal fishing situation.

The bay of St-Brieuc has been identified as a pilot site for this experiment and BOREAL has experimented with its ISR configuration in collaboration with ULAM22, DDTM22 and CEREMA for controlling scallop fishing.

A flight space of several tens of km2 has been allocated by DSAC Ouest in order to test the BOREAL-ISR drone and its bi-sensor optronic payload (EO/IR) in various climatic conditions. In particular, it was thus possible to validate the very good behavior of the drone in strong winds ie> 80 km/h to carry out its surveillance mission.